Daniel Portnoy - REALTOR®


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DRE# 02125401

As Daniel Portnoy, business owner, manager, realtor and entrepreneur will tell you, each day is a chance for a new opportunity to achieve success. Daniel’s life-long passion for Movies and Television has paved the way to a successful career in the Entertainment industry for over 15 years. A New Jersey native, he made his way to California in 2006 to follow his dream. Since he landed, he has been fortunate enough to continue working on a number of projects and hit series. In time, he discovered his other passion, Real Estate, which has led him to his career as a Realtor building his Real Estate business along with his wife Kashmira. When people watch a television show or step into a newly purchased home all they see is the finished product. What they are rarely able to see, are all of the moving parts and the incredible work that it took to get there. Daniel has succeeded in his career by taking challenging and stressful situations and helping to turn them into successful endeavors under tight deadlines and rapidly changing scenarios. He is passionate about taking these skills and applying them to his Real Estate business, to create a seamless and pleasant experience for both buyers and sellers. Daniel is a member of the Directors Guild of America, currently working as a Unit Production Manager. He has also worked as an Assistant Director. Daniel Portnoy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Film Media from The University of Rhode Island.